The Burden of Citizenship – Lady Zakari LDM


Thursday 18th, 2021

I speak other languages but Hausa is one of my favourites. The richness of the language, the simplicity of the complexity and the words so generous with meanings and classical lyrics.

Experts in languages said that, only a language that continues to evolved is sustainable. Hausa is such a language. When I tell people the special feat Hausa Language has firmly occupied internationally, it amazes some people, who have not enjoyed the fortunes of venturing into the depth of Hausa proverbs and enjoying the sheer inspirational wisdom of Hausa Language. Unlike some African languages, Hausa is spoken softly, calmly and gently, yet the impact is always as loving as a snow flakes.

I am not here for a lesson is linguistic studies, I just have this habit of looking into the distance and gazing into the clouds to write poetry but Nigeria is so dear to me, that I am forced to write on other things, painful realities that are current : The recent is the rejection of profiling Fulani people as criminals ( by blanketing all Fulani people) and most recently on the Masaccare of Northern Nigerians in Shasha market in Ibadan, the South western Nigeria.

When I saw the multitude dead bodies of the innocent Northerners wrapped in a mat in a police station, I fall sick with grief, I went into reflection mode, on how best to find ways to save our innocent people from the hatred of many Southern Nigerians. I had some confidence that some of the Southern Nigerians not blinded by hatred will certainly speak out against such injustice.

I was so confident, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, Honourable speaker will break down and cry, considering his emotionally charged stance of the fake lekki toll gate death story. If I remember correctly, Mr. Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila was so emotionally charged that he threatened to not signed Nigerian budget, untill justice is done to the recently established lekki toll gate victims as legally fake.

And I was confident that Mr. Kukah will speak out against such a broad day light massacre. I assumed wrong because if Mr. Kukah is honourable enough to the teachings of Christ, Mr. Kukah would have disrobe himself considering his hateful tendencies which are at par with the teachings of Jesus, peace be upon him. Mr. Kukah claimed that, there are pool of violent people in Islam, even though Mr. Kukah is enjoying peace in Sokoto with the population of approximately 100% Muslims. Mr. Kukah didn’t even honour his status as an honourable guest in Sokoto rather Mr. Kukah slapped the generous hands that have welcomed him in Sokoto and Mr. Kukah is still shamelessly indignant. He felt nor shame, no remorse and therefore refused to offer any apologies for his gaffe. And Mr. Kukah got defenders and supporters for his atrocities. In what dictionary is an insult revere as a courtesy, I wonder ? Not in the rich Hausa Language, and not the Yaroba language of Mr. Soyinka. Nevertheless, Mr. Soyinka, after speaking a very big English grammer, Mr. Soyinka came all out and said Mr. Kukah has done no wrong, and no body should dare disturb Mr. Kukah.
Mr. Kukah has a right to do what he damn well pleased…etc etc… a lot of big grammer, I tell you. And Mr. Kukah smiled a big smile that he has gotten one more recognition in support of his insolence.

So, I assumed Mr. Kukah and Mr. Soyinka have the honour and the decency to condemn the masaccre of Northerners, human beings from Northern Nigerian who were massared in broad day light in Shasha market in Ibadan. But, Gentlemen I salute you for removing my doubt about the authenticity of who you truly are. You are honourable ethnic champions, I will wait patiently for you to ascend to the status of citizens.

Mr. Soyinka, I read some of your written words. I saw your pictures from the past, where you participated in the struggle of “struggle”. Not the struggle of ethnic intolerance, inciting hate and eventual massacre. And not the support of an insolence. A support of disrespect of another person’s faith and identity. I want to believe that other person with the deep written words is not lost to the hateful campaign of South west axis media dominance.

As for you, Mr. Kukah, I see you are still holding on tight to the pulpit. I wish you the love of Christ, may the love of Christ truly touch your soul, so that you start speaking the language of Christ, which is the language of love not divisiveness and hatred.

We have forgiven your insolence and hatred but we remember everything, so we will take measures to safeguard our interests, now that we have seen you speaking from both sides of your mouth. You can continue to enjoy the abundance of Aboki land, that is who we are, generous of spirit. Considering that everyone from Northern Nigeria is considered Hausa by default. Then, I leave us with this saying, “Every bird has a song and sings a song that is unique to what the bird values and what the bird represents” Hausa Proverb


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